Ergebnisse für Company Celebrations

The sky is the limit - Incentive highlights Holmenkollen and Oslo

Scandinavian countries inspire with their landscape and uniqueness. Stockholm shines like a jewel. Helsinki has the charm of an Ikea shelf- simple and solid. Oslo combines pomp with the mentality of vikings. Tradition and modernity. Magnificent facades surprise along the famous street – the Karl Johan gate. Wonderful villas and forests impress in Holmenkollen, located at the north-west of Oslo. Oslo change considerably with new landmarks and a unique skyline of high- rise buildings.

On a Team Mission

Whether at work, in your family or with friends, the ability to solve tricky situations will always be appreciated. Often it needs a friend or a colleague and his expertise to get where you want to be. The skill to come up with a solution for various problems in a team will be developed further and required to win the game at "crime runnters" at the same time.

Incentives & Events with Horsepower

Fitting to the motto „way out there“, our Corporate Events & Incentives Team has their sights set on everything horsepower and motor charged. „Motorised“ programs always go down extremely well both at Events, and during Incentive trips and the memories created live long in the minds of the guests. Jump in and experience with us the fascinating feeling of getting behind the wheel of a sports car at your next event.

Iceland- The Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland has managed to successfully reach the quarterfinals of the European Football Championship 2016 and to win sympathy of the whole world. Everyone is talking about the country, which is a paradise for any incentive trip. Discover every day a beauty after another and share the true essence of the wonderful destination.

Get Your Event on Track

Our Corporate Events & Incentives Team want to take you on a train journey you will never forget. Train travel is once again hip and people are beginning to remember that it is the most comfortable and uncomplicated way to get from A to B. For Events and Incentives, a ride on a nostalgia train can today easily be integrated into almost any program.

Events & Incentive Trips: A culinary journey

Nice food is an essential part of every event and incentive trip. The well-being of our guests and participant is of the highest importance to our Corporate Events & Incentive Team. They take care of you with various culinary highlights and traditional delights. Starting with cooking workshops,  the compulsory visit to a Viennese Coffee house  and the "Würstelstand", including a Street Food Tour through the city, with us you will experience a unique journey through the cultural landscape of Austria.

5 stunning Rooftop Bars around the world

A unique Incentive experience includes fun, excitement, team spirit and unforgettable experiences, which you can share with your colleagues. To make sure that a Teambuilding Trip will be successful be sure to choose a unique location, which will be remembered long after the journey ends. In the following we would like to introduce you the 5 incredible stunning Incentive-Locations with a mesmerizing view.

5 innovative event ideas

The current trend towards new, innovative ideas and "out of the box" thinking is influencing more and more the development of concepts. There is no need to look far to find unusual approaches when it comes to events, conferences and congresses. Both, in Austria and internationally creative people came up with different innovative ideas to entertain and fascinate visitors at all kind of events.

5 Ideas for Green Give-Aways

Sustainability and Green Tourism are today both highly discussed topics, but how can we show our clients and employees that we really do live up to the image of being an environmentally conscious establishment in our everyday dealings, both in the workplace and at home. Based on the motto “don’t just speak, Act!” - Green Give-Aways sets an example for the protection of the environment.

¡Hola Madrid!

In January 2017 our Corporate Events & Incentives Team headed off for a weekend in Madrid with the aim of getting to know the city better while scoping out it‘s potential for future Incentive Trips and Events. We enjoyed three fantastic days in the Spanish capital and even had time to visit the UNESCO World Heritage location of Toledo. We would highly recommend both destinations for your next Incentive inquiry.