Green Meetings

Show your true colours

With many years of across the board industry experience behind us, we are no longer green behind the ears, not least when it comes to the hugely important theme of sustainability. Allow us to shine the green light through your event and we will make it a truly eco-friendly affair.

Instead of creating mountains of waste and causing traffic jams, our „Green Meetings“ distinguish themselves through the placing of a high emphasis on energy efficiency, waste management and the environmentally friendly arrival and departure of guests. Other key aspects here are creation and preservation of regional value and increasing the awareness both within and outside our organization of social responsibility issues. The eco label ‘Green Meetings’ was brought into fruition by the partnership of The Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in collaboration with The Austrian Consumer Research and Testing Organization.

As an official licensee for ‘Green Meetings & Green Events’ Mondial has been stamping its green seal of approval on various events since 2012. Organizing sustainable events is a lot easier than one would assume and it does not have to be costly. It requires merely a dollop of creativity along with an awareness of home grown products and services.

  1. Formally agree with Mondial that you wish to organise your congress in accordance with Green Meetings and Events criteria.
  2. Plan your event in compliance with these criteria; Mondial will provide all required documents and record all relevant evidence in the Green Meetings Database.
  3. Mondial will certify your meeting and – as a licensee – is bound by the same strict environmental protection constraints.

To have your event certified as a Green Meeting simply get in touch:

Johnston Declan
Senior Project Manager
t +43 1 58804-142

Green Meetings