Our History

Innovative Thinking as a Constant

Whether it be breaking into a new incoming market, the organising of a congress with an unprecedented number of attendees, being a pioneer in environmentally friendly products and services or introducing ground breaking tools like our Location Finder-Service – innovative thinking has been and will always be a constant theme throughout Mondial‘s history.

Beginning in what was once a bird shop in Baden in the year 1966 with just two employees, the company has long since spread its wings. With 160 creative employees today in Europe, Mondial has become one of the biggest Austrian full-service tourism corporations. More on this topic at The Mondial Group.

However the story of the Corporate Events and Incentives department and its pioneering roll cannot go untold without introducing Mr. Incentive himself.

It all began in the 1980’s in a place called Pago Pago on a tiny island in the South Pacific and its connection to a well known juice producer - who’s name will not be revealed. He was the first client of a young man with a lust for travelling who would later be known within the branch as Mr. Incentive.

It was he who led the way in introducing Incentive Travel as a motivating and marketing instrument in Europe, at a time when it was only really known in the USA.

40 times in Singapore and over 100 times in the USA. There are very few corners of the world that Cenk Durukal has not been to. What did he bring back with him? Tales that one could gleefully listen to along with bags full of experience which he passed on to the other colleagues in the department for whom he was a mentor as such.

The road lay open ahead and satisfied customers and recommendations were the result of the initial enthralling Incentive trips – a Hot-Air Balloon flight over the wildlife of the Serengeti, a boat expedition to see Killer Whales off the coast of Canada or having breakfast eye to eye with Beluga Whales in Vancouver, to mention but a few. There is of course no template for a sucessful Incentive trip. The most important elements are, that the trip is built around the employees and that they are captivated from the planning phase right up to the journey home at the end.

The increased demand for creative events of all kinds has been accompanied by the success of Incentive trips in Austria and around the globe used for the purposes of cementing customer loyalty, increasing staff motivation and product presentations. Today‘s Corporate Events & Incentives department at Mondial can look back with pride on thousands of events and trips organised with very fond memories.

Licensee for „Green Meetings & Events“ and the introduction of the Location Finder-Service – modern day Mondial has all fingers on the pulse when it comes to new trends and demands.

Get to know our creative team of today and write your own page in our history books.

Our History
- Innovative Thinking as a Constant


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