Incentives & Group Bookings

An Art in Itself

Cruising through a Citroën 2CV Rally along the Coté d'Azur, taking the reins at a Husky-Workshop in Lappland or experiencing first hand what it is like to be a Special Agent on a mission in Moscow. Incentives are elaborate productions with the end goal of increasing the performance of your employees.

There exists no set in stone format for planning the perfect Incentive Trip. It should be an awakening of the senses from the conception right through to the homeward journey. The timely reaching of targets which have been set out by management – for example annual sales forecasts – is usually the prerequisite for those wishing to take part in a company‘s incentive trip.

As a reward for the achievement, employees are rewarded with an unforgetable experience instead of an impersonal financial bonus. Each one unique, never a duplicate; designed and tailored from top to bottom. Incentive concepts are today a hugely important tool in every business. Implemented correctly, they can make a substantially impact on the turnover of a company.

With over 2.200 Incentive Trips organised to date in Austria and around the globe, Mondial  sits on top of the pile not only when it comes to the orchestration but also the crucial matter of providing a real cost benefit to our customers.

Travelling is always an adventure, but undertaken together with a group, it can be a much more rewarding and memorable experience. Sharing common interests and embracing the new – such group tours are not only journeys over distances but also personal voyages which strengthen one’s sense of belonging. Special Interest Tours are built around made to measure themes which run throughout. Fitting stop-overs, tours of companies and case studies can all be organised at the clients request. With study trips for specific professions and interest groups, a principal theme is chosen and implemented in detail, in which case the learning factor’s importance is cemented in the foreground. We will take care of your travel needs to trade fairs and exhibitions whether it be a day-trip or lasting several days anywhere in the world.

Mondial offers exciting day-trips and overnight stays within Austria and the neighbouring countries for companies, clubs and fanclubs. Whether it be by rail, road, air or water, our travel professionals will find the perfect connection to bring your group smoothly to their destination for an unforgetable experience. As the interests and age bracket of the employees within an organisation tend to be quite varied, the excursion must be designed appropriately. All those travelling should gain a sense that the trip has been designed specifically with the group in mind and for their benefit.

Incentives & Gruppenreisen