Team-Building & Adventure Programme

Piece by piece to masterpiece

Team building exercises and adventures, which take place outside of the normal working environment, assist immensely in transforming a group of colorful personalities into one single entity. Just as the pieces of a mosaic come together to form one harmonious picture, your staff will learn to work better with each other in challenging situations while attainting their full potential as a team.

Mondial’s vibrant palette of departments are constantly mixing together forming a large intertwining structure, gathering and exchanging know-how from all corners of the organisation. That includes global flight and holiday bookings through our Travel Management, our assortment of Hotel Room Contingents in hundreds of Central European hotels gathered through decades of incoming service and our jam-packed database brimming with top Event-Locations. We place great importance on the know-how of our highly diverse multicultural team. All of these components and many more underline Mondial’s placing at the top of the podium as the perfectly equipped event organizer for all your tailored Team-Building adventures.

Each individually crafted – no two strokes with the same brush. 

Dragon-Boat Racing on the Danube, Igloo-Building on a glacier or an Oldtimer Rally in Italy – such joint team efforts can be highly motivating, can lead to increased levels of output and strengthen staff ties to the organisation while raising the overall sense of togetherness within an organisation. Stepping out of the daily work routine and into new fun and challenging situations with one’s working colleagues bolsters relationships and supports a healthy working atmosphere reducing the likelihood of conflicts in the workplace.

The elements which add the true sparkle to an event, can in fact be those which require the least amount of orchestration and investment when it comes to creating the fitting setting and ambience. Often it is the small scale imaginative side programme which genuinely suceeds in capturing the imagination and „pulling the rabbit out of the hat“, leaving long lasting positive memories in the minds of your employees.

Rewarding your team with the possibility of testing themselves in new and exhilarating situations, can bring to the surface hidden potentials and tap into skills which can be beneficial to both the individual and the organisation in the long term. These experiences will present your team members in a different light and reveal a new exciting side to their personality which perhaps had been overlooked in the past.